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The Potter's House Christian Fellowship is a Bible based, Spirit Filled, Nondenominational Family of Believers. Our Family and staff count it a privilege to welcome you to our church to welcome you to church and minister to your spiritual needs. Ushers are available before, during and after each service to answer your questions and help guide you.
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God is returning the church to the dignity of its foundations. What are needed are churches that will go back to their spiritual roots – the Bible. There we find that each church was a launching pad to win the world – supporting itself, disciplining, training, equipping, and releasing workers into the world. Many think of the church as a dead institution or a meaningless relic, years behind the times. We believe the church is the Bride of Christ, the depository of Gods glory and the pillar and ground of truth. It is the most vital Institution on Planet Earth. History revolves around the visible body of Christ. Jesus is showing us the keys to releasing His church.
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The Bible is the guidebook of the Christian life and preaching is Gods method of bringing it to the hearts of God's people. We believe that honest, direct and anointed preaching has always been used by God to shake the nations. In an age of low commitment, many seek to hear a watered-down message, but it is our firm belief that God is raising up a people hungry for the meat of the word. That is why our order of worship is centered around the preaching of the gospel.

Evangelism: Jesus has never rescinded the command “Go ye into the all the world and preach the gospel”. The fulfilling of this command brings great spiritual health. The power of the Holy Spirit is brought to bear in order to accomplish the command, and joy is released in those who obey. While many churches only talk about winning the lost. Our primary goal is to lead men and women to Jesus; the churches of the Fellowship put the frills of modern Christianity second to the needs of the hour. The result of obedience to this command is that God is glorified and honours His word through signs, wonders, and manifestations of the gifts.
Staff picks aren't chosen by Potter's House.

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